I S T A N B U L |


the roots

I S T A N B U L | t h e   r o o t s

an audio-visual performance

with percussion and multimedia

created by Emil Kuyumcuyan


music by Larry Baker, Emil Kuyumcuyan, Adrien Trybucki 

video: Vitali Hristev, Şabuh Mıgırdiç Kuyumcuyan

solo percussion: Emil Kuyumcuyan

performances: 8 November 2018 @ Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

2 may 2019 @ theatre de la renaissance Oullins


Istanbul, end or beginning of a new world? The end of one world, the start of another ...

The Istanbul inhabitants feel a sense of loss of a way of life, a story, a city. Is it a simple evolution or a brutal and irreversible destruction? During his show,

Emil Kuyumcuyan transports us into his complex and contrasting feelings. It immerses us in the evolution of Istanbul through current clichés, but also in the past with precious family videos of the 60s accompanied by his compositions and music of today.

Is a new vivacity and a second energy seizing the city of the three empires?

M A R C H I N & B R E A K I N'

One night that challenges the cross-over between classical music and urban street culture. Dutch percussion virtuoso Dominique Vleeshouwers and international percussion soloist Emil Kuyumcuyan team up with Eindhoven’s renowned breakdance crew The Ruggeds and the winner of the European Championship for wind orchestras St. Michaël of Thorn. Together they create a performance where breakdance turns into ballet, a traditional Dutch wind band is transformed into a hip hop orchestra and intimate classical percussion gradually evolves into energetic beats.

Percussion soloists: Dominique Vleeshouwers & Emil Kuyumcuyan
Breakdance crew: The Ruggeds
Wind Orchestra: St. Michaël Thorn
Producers: Vincent van Kekerix & Marianne Rubsaam
Director of Photography: Claudia Hansen
Lighting Design: Mike Evers
Composers: Y’skid & Jelle Verstraten
Transcriptions: Erik Somers, Tom Schippers
script and artistic leading: Dominique Vleeshouwers

Available for bookings from season 19/20.
Please contact Vincent van Kekerix at Combined Creatives.


/I N T E R Z O N E S

Solo percussion recital with electronics and visuals

/Brad Mehldau: Waltz for JB 

/François Sarhan: Home Work 

/Bertrand Dubedout: Koltrane

/Bruce Hamilton: Interzones

/Iannis Xenakis: Psappha

/Thierry de Mey: Silence Must Be

D U M P U   D I N K I

D U M P U  D I N K I


with drumset and objects

creation and puppet theater: Anne-Kathrin Klatt

music: Emil Kuyumcuyan

direction: Michael Miensopust

A play on the whole universe of human relationships, at the end wins the trust of each other!

Strangers are friends that you just have not met.

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